VR360 Virtual Reality TECHNOLOGY

With this comeback, the Startup and Innovation Festival – SURF 2020 will bring the world’s most advanced assistive technology – VR360 (Virtual Reality) – to create a new environment for startups. The appearance of VR360 will help projects and products come closer to investors and consumers in the community.

VR360 (Virtual Reality) is a technology that simulates an environment actively designed by humans through specialized software displayed on the computer screen or by hologram glass for viewers most practical feelings and experiences, making them feel like they are in that space

Today, VR360 virtual reality technology is quite popular and is applied in many different industries with different specialized functions to develop together and more advanced.

Typical specialized industries such as

  • Real estate: sample apartments, villas; residential area, …

  • Entertainment: hotels, restaurants, resorts, bars, …

  • Tourism: landmarks, places of interest, tours, …

  • Exhibition exhibition: museum, showroom, gallery, …

  • Events: music, fashion, …

  • And there are many other industries as a tool to promote brands and introduce their products to customers

The benefits and technologies of VR360 virtual reality bring

Create impressive promotional images to attract more interested customers
Give the viewer the most genuine feeling as if they are in that space
Impressive overview of the space, all angles, areas, layout, arrangement are displayed clearly Interact objects with images by clicking the mouse to display more detailed information or photos. When you want to emphasize a small space, or want clear images or details, certificates, 360 images will help make the image clearer.
Magnification effect shrinks images in space

There are many more special uses waiting for everyone to discover at the SURF 2020 Start-up and Innovation festival

SURF 2020 – Start-up and Innovation Festival is considered the largest annual exhibition event in the Central region and the appearance of thousands of advanced technologies storming the world market like VR360 – Public virtual reality technology. Above all, this is also a place for startups to expand their networks and bring products closer to investors and customers.



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