Top 10 finalists to join the biggest Startup Exhibition in central Viet Nam

On 30th June, SURF Semi Final Pitching Competition was held at Danang Business Incubator. The top 10 finalists have been announced to join the finale taking place on 22nd July.

“We are glad that this year projects joining the Pitching Competition have showed their dedication in the ideas as well as the presentations. The teams and individuals have proved their ability to implement their startup projects in business environment. Also, their ideas are very practical”, says Mr. Tran Vu Nguyen – CEO – Danang Business Incubator.  

So, who are the finalists to join the Pitching Competition?

  1. Zody

ZODY , which is a familiar name in Danang, is a mobile loyalty program specifically designed for local business communities. From retail stores to restaurants, the app allows each merchant can create custom loyalty reward programs (50 different kinds in Zody’s store) for customers’ shopping activities (shop, food and drinks, etc.).

Presentation from Zody at the Pitching Competition

  1. InVietNam

This is an application which provides traveling information via hotline/messages platform.

  1. Ikids

Ikids members wish to create an innovative centre with STEM + Art classes which helps kids play and learn in their own ways.

  1. Homecares

The project aims at providing home healthcare via app/website/call center

  1. Mojitok

Mojitok is an application which suggest emoticons and stickers in messages. Mojitok members are all from Korea.

  1. Đi chơi chung

Di choi chung provides free and easy travel package including door-to-door buses, plane tickets and hotels for young adventurers, which helps them save the cost of traveling.

  1. Inaway

Innaway is a website which connects hotels and visitors, helps maximize hotels’ revenue and improve their standards, at the same time provides visitors with various options on cheap and qualified hotels.

  1. Btaskee

Btaskee is an application which helps those who would like to find house helpers. With a smartphone and a btaskee account, users can easily call for house helpers with a reasonable cost.

  1. Noi TOB

An all-in-one product, which combines cradle – trolley – scooter, saving up to 30% of the cost. The product has patents registered and currently received a certain number of customers.

  1. Sumi

Sumi is the combination between AI and Chatbot, which aims at understanding users’ demands and supporting information research and reorder. A friendly application you can experience HERE.

Danang International Conference and Exhibition  – SURF 2017 is going to be held on 21-22 July  by Danang Business Incubator. This year, the theme of the event is “Technology and startup eco-system”. The Pitching Competition is one of the most important activity at SURF, which attracts a number of businesses to join.

SURF tickets are on Sale now!

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