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“The morning after, I woke up and the cup was still there in my hotel room. Honestly, a lot of emotions came up: when I held that trophy for the first time, I was thinking of every moment in my life since I fell in love with coffee till now”. – Sasa Sestic, 2015 World Barista Champion

Each of us is very familiar with great cups of coffee. There are plenty of reasons for a coffee taster to become a true coffee lover. We, Mintown Coffee team, are no exception. Not daring to consider ourselves Heros, we always identify us as Zeros or dreaming Zeros to future Heros, to clarify. The path will not be easy, but always full of unforgettable experience. It has been the experience that led, connected and motivated Mintown Coffee to be found.

Not daring to call ourselves “Heros”, we always identify ourselves as “Zeros”; to clarity, “From dreaming Zeros to future Heros”. It will not be easy, but always full of experience. In the process of learning to tell you the story of Mintown, we were sometimes confused when being asked a seemingly simple question: “Why did you come to make coffee?”. It usually takes a long time to explain why we like making coffee because it is the moments that each bartender experiences, the unforgettable ones leading to the same target. And so, for Mintown Coffee, coffee is the experience.


We have been working hard to be the leading provider of comprehensive coffee solutions in Da Nang and Central Vietnam. Under any circumstances, customers can easily enjoy a clean cup of coffee with a pleasant experience.


Mintown Coffee is dedicated to providing all-round solutions for coffee

– Coffee beans distribution

– Machines, equipment, tools for coffee making

– Services such as bar design consultancy, basic training to improve skills for newbie Barista

– Quality control, and development of new products to meet the changing tastes of consumers.


In order to achieve that vision and mission, at Mintown Coffee, we focus on building and creating a thriving environment for PEOPLE – HEROES

Hearty – Equipped – Risk-taking – Originative – Side-by-side

This is reflected in all activities of Mintown. From the selection of input materials of the farms, the raw materials of good quality such as Lam Ha, Cau Dat, Dalat (Lam Dong). We have focused on building close links with reputable suppliers to build a continuous and secure supply chain. Modern, high-tech roaster system produces good products with high capacity. Moreover, using the scientific method of roasting coffee, applying step by step carefully and closely monitoring each technical criteria throughout the roasting time produce high-quality coffee.

By continuing this experience, Mintown Coffee team will strive to fulfill our mission. Despite the difficulties in business and community development, Mintown Coffee team will always help each other, go together, take the risk together, succeed together and become the Heroes full of such experience!

Website: http://mintowncoffee.net

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