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A brand which has existed in Vietnam market for more than 100 years, been through many up and down moments, “Larue” always asserts its strong position in beer lovers’ mind for many generations.  

Larue beer was first launched in Vietnam by BGI (Brasseries et Glacieres Internationales) in 1927. The beer has stunning dark gold color and refreshes aftertaste thanks to high-quality ingredients together with brewing recipe from France, hence Larue has won beer lovers’ tastes throughout many generations.

Larue’s brand identity since 70s decade

Fluctuating for years until 1995, Larue has officially become one of the main brands of Heineken Vietnam Brewery Limited (used to be Vietnam Brewery Limited before) with the investment on modern European technology to the production as well as rigorous control on the source of ingredients. Especially, Larue has won the heart of Vietnamese beer lovers in general also people living in the Central area in particular by the unique full-bodied taste that does not change over time.

The current Larue’s Brand Identity.

Since 2016, the Heineken Vietnam Brewery Ltd located in Hoa Khanh – Lien Chieu industry, Da Nang has organized tours welcoming long-term partners to experience Larue beer brewing process – a “myth” beer with stunning dark gold color is always been familiar with people living in Central for many years. At the brewery, visitors have a chance to visit production line strictly followed the European standard that has made the quality and full-bodied taste of this more than 100 years beer brand.

The tours for long-term partners of Larue experience the brewery

In order to brew high-quality beer, Heineken Brewery Ltd in Da Nang has and still kept investing on equipment and machinery imported from Europe, following exactly the brewing process of Heineken Amsterdam applied for all of Heineken Breweries in Vietnam. The production process and quality management in the brewery are strictly in line with the global standard, including the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 2200:2005 Food Safety Management System, ISO 1400:2004 Hygiene Environment Management System, TPM Comprehensive Productivity Management System…

With the concentrated investment also put the benefits of consumers at first, the quality of Larue is improving, from which conquer the taste as well as the trust of consumers completely, becoming a favorite beer product, an icon, a close friend that always “participate in” when meeting with friends. It can be seen that almost all the festive occasions or any special events, Larue is nearly an indispensable product of people living in the Central.

Visitors experience the taste of Larue has been brewed after the tour.


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