SURF’s Moments – The 1st Day

Da Nang International Startup Conference and Exhibition – SURF 2017 officially took place on July 21st, 2017 at NALOD Conference Center. SURF 2017 with the theme “Technology and Startup Ecosystem” impressed its attendees by impressive numbers – 21 topics to be shared, 70 exhibition booths to be shown to thousands of participants from 27 different countries.

How does the startup community ‘SURF’ today? Let’s see!

Mr. Vo Duy Khuong- Chairman of Da Nang Startup Network Concil is delivering the opening speech of the event

“The city has defined its sociol-economic development towards innovation and entrepreneurship. The People’s Committee has promulgated the “Development plan of the city’s startup eco-system until 2020, with vision to 2030″. The vision of the plan is to make Da Nang a destination for startups and an international innovation hub of ASEAN by 2030. It will be a long and challenging journey. Therefore, there needs to be not only the cooperation and contribution of all the elements in the local startup ecosystem but also the supports from domestic and international partners, experts and startup support organizations. This is also the cause of Da Nang International Startup Conference and Exhibition. SURF 2017 is a significant chance for the whole eco-system to unite together with its partners to look back and evaluate the development scales as well as the results achieved, from which to give out the directions and solutions to reinforce and enhance the innovation startup ecosystem of the city”, said Mr. Vo Duy Khuong.

SURF’s delegates this morning ( left to right ): Mr. Nguyen Xuan Anh – Chairman of Da Nang People’s Coucil, Mr. Huynh Duc Tho – Chairman of Da Nang People’s Committee, Mr. Vo Duy Khuong – Chairman of Da Nang Startup Network Concil, Mr. Vo Hong – Vice Chairman of Quang Nam People’s Coucil.

Tycoon’ Jeff Hoffman – Founder of Priceline with his sharing “Power of Entrepreneurship”

One of the most inspirational topic of SURF 2017 is Jeff Hoffman’s sharing: “The Power of Entrepreneurship”. His experiences and stories has greatly inspired the attendees.

What is the ‘formation’ to make Da nang another HongKong or Singapore of the region? The panel discussion “Innovation Hub By The Sea” featured city’s leaders and senior experts Matt James, Chinn Lim, Nguyễn Tuấn Anh, Bobby Liu from large corporations namely Amadeus Next, Autodesk, Grab and Topica, respectively.

Besides the discussions on Main Stage, Founder’s stage gathers fireside chats between founders and attendees as well as startups about ‘hot’ topics in the startup community.

Sharing from Donald Huynh – Co-founder of Justgola (Intelligent travel plan application)

Exhibition booths have got big attentions from the attendees.

Mr. Vo Duy Khuong- Chairman of Da Nang Startup Network Concil visits exhibition booths at SURF 2017

Sponsors’ exhibiton booths at SURF 2017

Da Nang International Startup Conference and Exhibition – SURF 2017 is  not only a forum featuring prominent startup ideas and sophisticated consultations from startup experts, but is also a destination to gather and connect various resources to boost entrepreneurial motivation and innovation of the city and the region. SURF’s key event – the finale of the Pitching Competition with the 10 most excellent startups is coming tomorrow (22nd July, 2017). Moreover, exhibition booths and conference are still waiting for you.

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