Press release Danang startup and innovation festival – SURF 2019

With the theme “leveraging local advantages to encourage creative startup ecosystem” the 4th seasonal wave of Danang Startup and Innovation festival – SURF 2019 was officially carried out successfully on 01/11/2019 at Eden Plaza Conference center. 

The event attracted more than 2,000 participants, over 30 national and international speaks, 7 excellent national startup projects, over 80 exhibition booths, 16 sponsors and more than 50 news agencies. 

SURF 2019 has high hopes in the connection of provincial entrepreneurial communities in Vietnam, linking sources from local communities as well as making Danang become an innovation and startup center of the region. 

Before SURF 2019 event, there are multiple pre-event activities were carried out successfully such as: GDG DevFest Mien Trung 2019 which attracted over 700 developers and the tech community of Danang; the startup training program- Techstars Startup Weekend; the Preliminary round of the SURF Pitching Competition with more than 50 entry registrations and the training bootcamp for startups that entered the final round of the SURF Pitching Competition 2019; Creative idea festival which attracted more than 1,000 youth union’s members; City’s Science and Engineering fair…

And today, the highlights of the event were officially carried out, with the main activities: 

  • The opening ceremony welcomed  leaders of central and local governmental agencies, most noticeably the launch of Danang’s startup and innovation investment funds.
  • The Main Stage section with discussion seminars on: Startup and Innovation policies, exchanging investment, entrepreneurial experiences and entrepreneurial spirit…delivered by speakers;
  • The seminar sections with 3 separate stages discussing technology, investment, entrepreneurship in tourism and agriculture and introducing startups;
  • The Final round of the SURF PITCHING COMPETITION 2019 with 07 most impressive teams selected from the preliminary round.
  • Exhibition of 80 startups booths on various fields coming from agencies, entrepreneurs, startup support organizations, ecosystems, universities with many creative and diverse services/products.

SURF 2019 welcomed leaders of Central and Local governmental agencies, international partners, diplomatic representatives of country’s ambassadors, in which the Irish Embassy accompanied SURF through 3 seasons. There were nearly 30 seminars, discussions and presentations from 35 speakers who are startup consultants, investors and entrepreneurs. Most noticeably, the attendance and speeches of international speakers such as: Mr. Peter Vesterbacka- the “Mighty Eagle” from the development team of the famous game “Angry Birds” and the founder of the world’s leading startup and tech event SLUSH, Mrs. Jan Lederman – Chairman of Valhalla Venture Capital Inc., President of Genome Canada Corporation, Mr. Dominic Mellor – Finance expert, President of ADB Ventures. At the same time, SURF 2019 also welcomed the participation of national speakers such as: Shark Nguyen Hoa Binh – Chairman of NextTech Group, Mr. Pham Duy Hieu – Acting Managing Director of An Binh Bank – Vice President of Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF), Ph.D Tran Du Lich – member of Government financial consultant group, Mrs. Thach Le Anh – Founder of Vietnam Silicon Valley and over 20 other experts.

Notably, the final round of the pitching competition was held with the participation of the 07 best projects : Botstar, Easy Salon, MultiGlass, Organic Honey from Leaf, Advosights,, Elinkgates remote access technology. These projects had overcome 50 other opponents in the preliminary and semi-final rounds to get into the final round of SURF Pitching competition. Moreover, these projects had the opportunities to call for investment from angel investors, venture capital funds as well as consultations from experts. 

The organization board sincerely appreciated the assistance from Central and Local authorities, agencies, departments, sponsors, business partners, news agencies for facilitating, helping and accompanying us to make SURF 2019 successful.

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