PNJ – the leading wing of Vietnam jewelry industry

Since its establishment on 28 th April 1988 until now, Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company – PNJ is one of the largest jewelry manufacturing and trading enterprises in Vietnam with a human resource of nearly 4,000 people, a jewelry factory of largest scale in Southeast Asia and a retail system of more than 230 jewelry centers across the country.

Throughout the path of 29 years of establishment and development, PNJ has been the leading in innovation, sophistication and reliability in the jewelry and fashion industry, demonstrated by the unique features of products of such trustworthy brand as PNJ Gold jewelry, PNJ Silver jewelry and accessories, CAO Fine jewelry, Jemma jewelry and corporate gifts. Along with them is the service of testing diamonds, gems, precious metals and high quality customer service, bringing trust to the customers.

Not only being the leading brand in Vietnam jewelry industry, PNJ is also a pioneer in the sustainable development strategy, with a focus on human resources, supply chain, products, environment protection and social security. with the philosophy of “Taking customer and social benefits into the corporate benefits” PNJ always ensures the harmony in connecting business interests with the development of people, society and environment by such wide-spreading and impressive programs as Thank you for not littering, PNJ Home,… PNJ’s remark of sustainable development is also demonstrated by many prestigious awards which strongly improve its leading position as well as create solid momentum to reach Asian level, such as: National Brand, Vietnam Strong Brands, Top 100 Best Vietnam Workplaces, Top 10 of 100 sustainable development enterprises in Vietnam, High Quality Goods Award for 20 consecutive years, Top 50 Best Listed Companies in Vietnam,…

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