When the world is still fighting fiercely over the Covid-19 pandemic, the need of using convenient and safe services has become more pivotal than ever. Therefore, many founders decide to start start-ups for competitive opportunities balance. Thanks to models which address challenges caused by the pandemic, there are three potential start-up trends that are predicted to thrive in the aftermath of Covid-19. 

1. Contactless technology

Contactless payment methods such as a touching card or phone on a POS machine or a model that allows customers to automatically pay,… have appeared over the years, yet only when Covid-19 broke out, these technologies have a lot of “playground” and become a trend in the present and in the future. Meeting the limit on contact between people when transacting, these fields will be a “promising land” for start-ups.

A typical start-up that seized this trend well is Vengo Labs which has developed a cloud-applied smart vending machine that allows users to buy essential items and pay online. Another exemplary one is Valyant’s automated checkout counters using AI to create a “virtual water” that helps consumers order through voice control. 

2. Remote healthcare

The other outstanding start-up trend is remote healthcare. Most importantly, amidst the complex pandemic, it is the need of limiting the crowd, mitigating the risk of being infectious that makes the model attractive to users.   

Including many types of products or services such as consulting service, basic healthcare through “virtual assistant”, health insurance technology, medicine ordering service, packages of examination and treatment, medical equipment; technologies that allow doctors to remotely examine and treat… remote healthcare is an enticing field for start-ups and big corporates.  

Experts commented this will be a popular service model of the future, which not only attracts new opponents to disruptive technology but also is a necessity in broadening the ecosystem of large corporates.    

3. Educational technology

Digital transformation is encouraged to be performed swiftly amidst the pandemic, start-ups lead the way in virtual training models thanks to the support of educational technology. 

In this field, there are platforms that allow instructors to compile lectures and track study progress, virtual tutorial service, support tools such as math games or online courses, …. Since they have become increasingly interesting in higher classes, there is no doubt that the revenue of start-ups applying this start-up trend advanced over 300% (according to Rootstra’s statistics)

Some current problems such as interaction, learners’ study motivation, internet lagging, security, privacy,… need optimal answers from technology and disruptive innovation. Therefore, start-ups should take advantage of this door.  

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