Partners, supporting units are a crucial factor that contribute to the success of an event. SURF 2021 is not an exception. Coming back in 2021, the Extended Danang Start-up Exhibition, is so honored to earn the assistance and companion of “special guests”: National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development (NATEC), Songhan Incubator, Danang Business Incubator (DNES) and Danang Start-up Network Coordinating Council (DSC)  

1. National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development (NATEC)

  • Address: 39 Tran Hung Đao Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Telephone: 024 39 440 344
  • Website:

NATEC, an organization under the Department of Science and Technology, has duties to develop the technology market, to support to form and develop science and technology enterprises.   

Established on 8th June 2021, so far, NATEC has aided and organized many events, program with a view to growing the Science and Technology market in Vietnam. Recently, NATEC has coordinated with ISEV in the “Support Innovative Startup Ecosystem in Vietnam until 2025” program for promoting and introducing excellent start-ups which participate in forums with expatriates and international knowledge, international connection through incubators, business promoters and embassies

Established on June 8, 2011, so far, NATEC has supported and organized many events and projects to promote the development of the Science and Technology market in Vietnam. Recently, NATEC collaborated with Project 844 Office – Project “Supporting the national innovation startup ecosystem until 2025”, in promoting and introducing typical startups participating in exhibitions. forum connecting with expatriates, international knowledge; getting international connections through incubators, business promoters and embassies.

In 2015, NATEC cooperated with ITP – a technology software park at HCMC National University to develop the ecosystem of innovative start-ups in the Information Technology and Communication field. 

In 2016, NATEC collaborated with the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation so as to assist and bolster the cooperation on joint research and technology transfer between enterprises and research institutions in Vietnam and Finland. This program catered for innovation and business development projects to solve social challenges or meet specific market needs in 3 topics: (1) solutions to wastage treatment, (2) solutions to clean water and safe food for people’s health and (3) technological solutions to education and innovation. 

In addition, NATEC aided some domestic and foreign corporates such as Hebronstar Ventures, Innovatube to organize events such as Vietnam H-camp – accelerator program for start-ups and Innovatube Frontier Summit – the first pioneering technology event in Vietnam. 

Outstanding projects:

  • Startup Israel 2014
  • Techfest 2015
  • Techfest 2016
  • International Exhibition on Machineries & Technologies of Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery 2017 (GROWTECH 2017)
  • Techfest 2017
  • International Exhibition on Environmental Technology and Ecological Products (EPIF)

2. Songhan Incubator -SHi

Headquarters in the Central Region:

  • Address: 01 Ho Quy Ly Street, Thanh Khe Tay Ward, Thanh Khe District, Danang City
  • Hotline: +84 931 95 95 77 (75)
  • Website:

Songhan Incubator (SHi), which is one of the private incubators in Vietnam, serves the mission of boosting the Innovative Start-ups ecosystem and incubating Smart Tourism Start-ups.

With the goal of building, promoting the development of Vietnam’s Innovative Start-ups ecosystem and incubating the talented entrepreneurs, SHi has run periodical activities as follows: 

  1. Transfer innovative knowledge 
  • Consult on building and implementing the Innovative Start-ups ecosystem programs
  • Transfer Incubation and Acceleration programs 
  • Consult on establishing the Innovative Start-ups Support Center 
  1. Organize incubation and acceleration programs
  • Organize incubation and acceleration programs. Research, nurture the talented entrepreneurs, promote start-up’ success
  • Link, cooperate, organize Business Incubation and Technology Incubation programs.
  1. Consult and provide technological solutions 
  • Consult and implement innovative and technological solutions for entreprises to optimize resources and improve productivity
  • Consult on building digital business platforms for tourism, service and culinary enterprises. 
  1. Consult for innovative entreprises

Optimize innovative business models and provide technological solutions for enterprises to enhance competitiveness, maximize revenue and develop sustainably.    

  1. Organize and accompany national start-up events 
  • A series of events of Supply – Demand Connections and Investment 
  • A series of conferences on smart tourism 
  • Accompany Techfest in the role of Head of Tourism – Culinary Village 
  • Accompany Vietnam National Administration of Tourism to organize the Vietnam Creative Tourism Business Competition
  • A series of event building Local Tourism Brand 

3. Danang Business Incubator (DNES)

  • Address: 31 Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau, Danang
  • Hotline:  0236 353 9944
  • Website:

Business Incubator DNES is the first public-private partnership company in Vietnam, operates in the direction of sustainability. With the objective of promoting enterprises through innovation start-up, DNES is a top option for domestic and foriegn individuals, start-ups, supporting organizations  to connect and grow. 

In the period of 2021-2025, DNES orients to be the Business Incubator which bolsters the development of innovative start-ups. Accordingly, the main duty is to support entreprises to develop through innovation start-up with suitable service packages by each stage of entreprises’ development including: incubation, consult, project implementation, coworking space; training and business services provision; event organizing,…

Over 5 year of operation and growth, DNES has organized 500 programs, events on innovation start-up, typically the annual Start-up Exhibition and Conference SURF. DNES is considered as a “Start-up Brand” in the community of start-ups and investment in Vietnam, which contributes to alter the community’s awareness of innovation start-up and  venture capital. 

Besides, over 60 start-up projects under the incubation program FINC of DNES (incubating technology start-ups) have directly created more than 500 jobs for youngsters who are interested in start-up. Moreover, it must be mentioned that DNES has connected over 1,5 million USD from Investment Funds to start-ups, outstandly including Datbike – 500 thousand dollar from Hustle Fund, Cashbag – 500 thousand dollar from Do Ventures and  Hekate with 300 thousand dollar from many angel investors.

Coworking DNC at DNES has also supported 500 individuals and enterprises to use services and connect in the start-up community with preferential prices and many assistance services. 

In addition, DNES has also built many training projects to support enterprises and students. Among them, two prominent projects are Digital 4.0 and Google Developer Group Mien Trung. Digital 4.0 has helped more than 2000 enterprises with 50,000 students learn digital skills, soft skills and business skills. Google Developer Group MienTrung organized training for more than 10,000 IT students and programmers. Furthermore, DNES has cooperated with the 844 Project to build a series of typical start-up lessons, compiled by experts to provide knowledge and improve skills for individuals starting or restarting their businesses.

DNES also formed Angel Investment Funds – Flying Fish Investment (FFI). Initially, the Investment Fund supported and invested in a number of start-up projects incubated from DNES.

Lastly, DNES has connected with Universities – Colleges, Institutions, Start-up Support Organizations to build the network of mentors, experts, speakers, judges, venues for competitions, start-up programs and training.

4. Danang Start-up Network Coordinating Council (DSC)

On 26 October, The People’s Committee made a decision to establish Danang Start-up Network Coordinating Council whose president is Mr. Vo Duy Khuong – Vice President of the People’s Committee and the permanent body is the Department of Planning and Investment. 

Members of the Council are representatives from the City People’s Committee; the Department of Home Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Finance, Department of Industry and Trade, Department of Education & Investment, Department of Science & Technology, Department of Information & Communication, Department of Agriculture & Rural Development; Investment Fund; Hi-Tech Management Board, Institute for Socio-Economic Development, Business Support Center under the Department of Science & Investment; Da Nang Youth Union; business associations; universities, colleges and vocational schools; research institutes; economic organizations and experts; and start-up clubs related to each start-up program or project.

The Council has the duties of acting as a focal point to connect, cooperate, exploit and share start-up resources of the state, schools, institutes, associations, business groups, economic organizations, experts and investors in the city with domestic and international investors, experts and organizations. Additionally, the Council plays the role of helping the Chairman of the City People’s Committee in planning, evaluating, selecting, promoting, coordinating and supporting projects on start-up; start-up training; consultancy and investment programs, start-up network development and a number of start-up activities in the city; at the same time, monitor, encourage and inspect activities and content of start-up programs, projects of member agencies.

There are 4 coordinating units in the Extended Danang Start-up Exhibition – SURF 2021. The exhibition is taking place on the reality virtual event-organizing platform – VRFAIR, appeared by 80 booths which are start-ups, incubators, and universities in Danang area. 

Danang Start-up Exhibition – SURF 2021

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