Top 07 finalists to join SURF PITCHING COMPETITION 2018

  1. Camera 360 for cars – A safety equipment to help drivers observe blind spots around their cars.
  2. BGift – Bringing customers good deals and gifts from beauty brand for women along with making appointment feature.
  3. AN VUI – The overall management solution for traveling bus lines.
  4. ikkai Inc – ikkai developed its own system and platform for helping solve two of the biggest bottlenecks for employers: posting jobs easily and making it even easier to find the best candidates through data aggregation and A.I.
  5. TOB – a combination of a cradle, a crib with a walker in one single product that integrates with TOB technology
  6. EduSi: Project utilizes simulation and AI technologies to support teachers and students in their teaching and learning activities respectively through 3 steps: (1) learning by experimenting (2) learning by sharing (3) learning by collaborating with a virtual assistant.
  7. Xedike – Xedike focuses on making use of empty seats on a vehicle less than 9 seats in an attempt to reduce emissions, traffic and increase income for empty vehicles.

How to attend the SURF Pitching Competition?

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We will announce a list of those selected for the competition after conducting our review process.

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