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The University of Koblenz-Landau with about 15.000 students, 500 lecturers, 400 staff members and 150 full professors is situated in two towns: Koblenz (Middle Rhineland region) and Landau (Palatinate region) with a central administrative entity situated in-between these two campuses (in Mainz). The university has numerous partnerships with foreign institutions of higher education, mostly universities. The university is mid-sized and the youngest in Rhineland-Palatinate with numerous new departments and institutes. In addition, a wide range of new degree programs and chairs have been created, and existing courses and research has been consistently expanded. At the eight existing faculties on the two campuses in Koblenz and Landau, you can currently study Education, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Computer Science, Natural Sciences, Psychology and Information Management.

Entrepreneurial University Koblenz-Landau

The University of Koblenz-Landau has been awarded the title ‘Entrepreneurial University’ by the nationwide program EXIST of the General Federal Ministry of Economics. Since 2009 the development of entrepreneurial structures and activities is one of the university’s major strategic objectives and the pursued strategy is to improve the entrepreneurial structures and activities at the university.

Zentral Institute for Scientific Entrepreneurship & International Transfer (ZIFET)

The Zentral Institute for Scientific Entrepreneurship & International Transfer (ZIFET) at the University of Koblenz-Landau establishes and fosters an entrepreneurial culture by coordinating all entrepreneurial projects and activities in research and teaching. In addition, ZIFET is a central point of contact for all aspects of national and international knowledge and technology transfer.

Activities and Instruments of the Entrepreneurial Culture

Entrepreneurial Offices (EO)

The EOs – as part of the entrepreneurial activities of ZIFET – are a collaboration between the University Koblenz-landau and the University of Applied Sciences of Koblenz with the objective to accompany and support start-ups out of universities and colleges (Scientific Entrepreneurship). This can be accomplished by offering information, training, consulting and valuable contacts that will support and assist students, professors, staff, and alumni with their ideas for starting a company.

Entrepreneurship Design Thinking® (EDT)

Entrepreneurial Design Thinking is a mindset which supports creative processes for the development of new ideas and business models. Design Thinking enables teams to develop, create and test ideas faster especially by using prototyping. Entrepreneurial Design Thinking has proved to be useful for students from all faculties and is often a starting point for further interest in entrepreneurial topics and activities. Based on this principle, the ED-School was founded in 2010 as an organizational entity for inter- and transdisciplinary Education on Entrepreneurship. Since then it offers tailored workshops (for teachers, students and companies) that help with its unique methodology individuals to create, test and further develop prototypes. Through these activities EDT is integrated into everyday teacher training programs, thus generating a multiplier effect (‘train the trainer’ approach).

Innovative Lab

The Innovation Laboratory accelerates the refinement of ideas and research results of students, academic staff, and professors from every discipline and turns them into innovative business ideas. A number of specific methods are available for ascertaining and evaluating business ideas.

Idea Campus

As one of the first open innovation platforms in a university environment in Germany, the Idea Campus offers innovation and problem-solving processes, integration of economic and socio-political issues in the scientific routine and not only it provides a fun environment with the possibility of making interesting contacts for your future, but also offers rewards for the best ideas. This virtual community is dedicated to the development of new ideas originating from knowledge and experience by bringing students in direct contact with experts from across different fields and institutions.


In the framework of the Virtual Academy, Openeurship was developed based on Open Educational Resources (OER) and the experience gained through the Entrepreneurship course of Prof. Dr. von Korflesch. It is the best example of a massively participatory online course in Entrepreneurship in which the work of the participants is assessed at the end of the course period (one semester), in which they receive a certificate and 6 ECTS credits. Openeurship is entirely taught in English and serves as the first pilot project of an upcoming study program on Entrepreneurship. It can be used in both formal and non-formal education by promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and culture and by supporting its participants to generate and develop their own business ideas.

Venture Flirt

The Venture Flirt project aims to support business start-ups entering international markets. The idea is to bring together business start-ups from all over the world in order to identify innovative ways for cooperation and to discuss the potentials for going international. Venture Flirt has already established a long-term strategic collaboration program with Vietnam.

German-Vietnamese Cooperation

Vietnam and the University Koblenz-Landau came in close contact via the International Start-Up Initiative during a trip in January 2016 in the framework of Venture-Flirt when ZIFET representatives headed by Vice-President Elect Prof. Dr. Harald von Korflesch visited major entrepreneurial hubs in Vietnam and met with important stakeholders to discuss and lie the basis for a strategic partnership.
ZIFET would like to establish a long-term international cooperation in the first place with the very innovative city of Danang. Therefore, a group led by Prof. Dr. von Korflesch visited and worked with the Danang People Committee, the Danang Entrepreneurship Support Co., Ltd (DNES) and universities in the region in January 2016. Since then, Danang and ZiFET have elaborated on further collaboration activities such as supporting Danang to become an entrepreneurial city as well as cooperating with universities in training and research. To underline ZIFET’s strong commitment in this international activity, ZIFET is honoured to become the Diamond Sponsor for the Start-up Fair which will be taken place in Danang on the 18 June 2016. ZIFET is also interested in the establishment of an Entrepreneurial Design Thinking school in Danang city, the creation of double degree or joint degree for both bachelor and master programs, the exchange of students and the exchange of staffs between the University of Koblenz-Landau and the universities in the Danang region.