Over the past few years, the city government, business associations, social organizations and businesses themselves in Da Nang have attempted to build an innovative start-up ecosystem (Innovation), though still Young but with a breakthrough, creativity and suitable local real conditions has greatly contributed to the development of the national startup ecosystem.

It can be affirmed that with the current flat, multidimensional and interdependent world trend, the development of a national startup ecosystem is a necessary factor to connect with the region and the globe. In order to create a strong national ecosystem, the role of the local startup ecosystem becomes even more important, because the construction of the innovative startup system in regions with a focus on economic regions The innovation and the innovative start-up system at universities across the country will help to create and spread the creative startup culture, creating a premise for building the linkages between components of the regional ecosystem with the national ecosystem. national and international.

In addition, when one of the most important changes in the era of the internet of things (also known as the Internet of Things) is the 4th industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is expected to make an important impact on economies of all countries and globally. We also talk a lot about the concept of “smart city” (smart city) – basically this is the way of applying information and communication technology to connect sensors, high-speed wireless networks, and big data to improve the quality of life in urban areas, improve service quality of city government, reduce energy consumption, effectively manage natural resources. To develop smart cities and start-up cities, localities and regions are aware of the need to become more creative, need to support the development of startups and provide facilities. – Technology as well as creating a favorable legal corridor for the successful establishment and development of the business. Currently in Vietnam, nearly 20 provinces and cities have organized seminars and signed cooperation agreements with telecommunications – information technology businesses to develop pilot projects for smart city development ( such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Lam Dong, Phu Quoc, etc.).

Vietnam as a country in the process of development also does not stand outside the trend of developing smart urban models and the wave of creative innovation is taking place strongly. However, in order to effectively deploy the smart city model and develop the national startup ecosystem, the most important issue today is to develop strategies for start-up cities and cities nationwide. to connect and cooperate well with each other and with urban, national and international regions right from the early stage of development towards unified value goals. In particular, the global connectivity factor is also one of the indicators to evaluate the success of a startup ecosystem (according to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2017), when the Quantifying the networks that startups create and demonstrating that the factor of global connectivity that will drive the rapid growth of the world’s leading companies is feasible. For that reason, building a smart city, a startup city, or on a smaller scale, wants to arouse the spirit of entrepreneurship and promote initial training in starting a business for human resources. The potential for starting a business at a University will no longer be limited to a province, a city or the University itself, but also to connect with other typical cities and Universities in the system. national and international startup ecology to develop partner networks, creating a resonant effect in the development of a common ecosystem. In addition, in each locality, it is still necessary to promote specific strengths based on actual socio-economic conditions to create diversity in the startup ecosystem.

In the same spirit, the project “Supporting the national innovation start-up ecosystem to 2025” (Project 844) has been implemented in many localities, with 11 supporting contents belonging to 03 support groups. Basic (promoting linkages in the startup community, enhancing the capacity of actors in the startup ecosystem and amending and supplementing necessary and specific mechanisms and policies for creative innovation) has been The Ministry of Science and Technology has determined that one of the goals in building a creative startup ecosystem is that in addition to international links, it is essential to pay attention to building and developing a creative startup system in regions with emphasis on The heart is the Economic Zones and the innovative startup system in Universities throughout the country to help create and spread the startup culture. This element will also pave the way for portal building connecting Regions with national and international and an opportunity to link the components of the Regional Ecosystem (startups, associations, universities , research institutes, professional organizations, student communities, faculty, …) with national and international ecosystems.

We are delighted to see the breakthrough developments in innovation startups taking place in Da Nang in recent years to build a “seaside startup center”, typically Issue the project

“Developing an innovative startup ecosystem to 2020, with a vision to 2030” in order to create a driving force to develop the city’s startup ecosystem and launch the potential of developing the business community. start-up of Da Nang. At the same time, the city also launched supportive policies such as administrative procedure reform, financial support, business premises, new technology development, information technology application, trade promotion. , connecting investment, … creating the most favorable conditions to form a dynamic and creative environment for entrepreneurship development in Da Nang. In addition, the city has organized many programs and events for the startup community of scale and quality such as Danang Startup Fair 2016 (Da Nang Startup Fair 2016), SURF Danang 2017. , 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Events like SURF is a chance for Danang’s startup ecosystem to connect with national and international ecosystems.

In the coming time, in order for Da Nang to become a spearhead in the national startup ecosystem, to help the city exploit its existing strengths and potentials, the government and the Coordination Council of the Danang startup network need to create nurture and nurture startup ideas, especially startups in fields such as Tourism, Culinary Services, Financial Technology, etc. In addition, the following initiatives can be proposed:

  • Firstly, the development of smart cities and start-up cities in Da Nang needs to connect with typical domestic startup centers (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City), or even be able to connect. with startup cities in other developed countries such as Israel, Finland, etc.
  • Secondly, in order to improve the quality of human resources and attract high-quality human resources to work in the city, Da Nang needs to consider supporting a location for startups to focus on working and organizing. events, sharing knowledge and experiences as well as attracting other startups from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to locate their headquarters.
  • Third, in order to link and connect the creative startup ecosystem, the city needs to promote the organization of startup events and invite experts to train and share knowledge about technology entrepreneurship as well as Call on successful people to share, spread fire, and connect startups.
  • Fourth, every year, the Office of Project 844 organizes international delegations, the composition of the delegation includes the leaders of the Ministry of Science and Technology, representatives of the Executive Board of Project 844, startups, and representatives investment funds, start-up promotion organizations to connect domestic and international start-up ecosystems through teams to learn experience in supporting startups in countries with a developed startup ecosystem such as ( Israel, United States, Finland, etc.). The Office of Project 844 will send information to these delegations to the Department of Science and Technology, the People’s Committee of Da Nang city when there are specific plans and programs to promote the linkage between the city’s ecosystem. city with a national and international ecosystem.
  • Fifth, to improve the capacity of startups, Da Nang needs to promote support services in legal, accounting, consulting, especially media … to become accessible, efficient and effective. Reasonable cost exclusively for startups.
  • Finally, in order to attract investment for creative innovation, the city needs to research to develop and issue other specific policies (such as taxes, visas, etc.) to build an image of a powerful city. active, wholeheartedly supporting startups and have good support policies for the formation and development of businesses.

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