SURF 2021 – Danang Start-up Exhibition Conference, has officially been organized on 15th November 2021. With a view to becoming a bridge between start-ups and investors, target customers, SURF 2021 is honored to welcome 80 businesses that come from diverse fields such as information technology, agriculture, healthcare, tourism, electronics and telecommunication, mechanical engineering, energy, and education, … Thereby, SURF hopefully brings participants interactive spaces and loads of useful content and activities.    

Coming to the exhibition area, booths are divided into 10 villages that correspond to fields in which businesses are running include:

  • Village of Pioneering Technology 
  • Village of Logistic Technology
  • Village of the International 
  • Village of Educational Technology
  • Village of HealthCare
  • Village of Agriculture
  • Village of Tourism
  • Village of Financial Technology
  • Village of Electronics and Telecommunication – Mechanical Engineering – Energy 
  • Village of Social Impact
Ngành hàng của các doanh nghiệp và dự án khởi nghiệp

1. Village of Pioneering Technology: 17 booths

At the village of Pioneering Technology, SURF 2011 witness participation of typical businesses as follows:

  • VrFairs: VrFairs is an event-organizing, virtual exhibition platform through virtual reality technology, 3D, 360, blockchain, video conference,… The platform enables global audiences to connect with each other, attend relevant events whose topics they are interested in without going to the venue.   
  • Ryo Soft: Mobile App Start-up.
  • Workos.me: Business process management and automation software. 
  • Easy Salon: Comprehensive management platform for beauty service suppliers.
  • EM AND AI: This is a pioneering company in in-depth research on Vietnamese NLP natural language analysis technology and artificial intelligence. Therefore, EM AND AI helps businesses create breakthrough growth through the application of linguistics and machine learning technology to provide flexibility and interactive experiences like real people.
  • Jeptags: This is an anti-counterfeiting solution on the market, using an NFC chip to ensure product connectivity to consumers all over the world.
  • WOAY.vn: A platform-designing minigame to increase sales. 
  • Facelog: Facetime attendance system is developed based on the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is used in recognizing users’ faces to build features that solve big problems for businesses in human management.
  • Elinkgate: A pioneer Vietnamese business in the field of remote control. With the goal of building remote solutions to IT problems, ELINKGATE allows users to fix problems from blue screen errors, operating system errors on computers, servers… to Router, Firewall, PBX configuration errors…
  • 2Click Solutions: An incubator from Europe, where technological products are created by ideas in the community. 
  • Weargi: A unique online shopping application with 3D simulation technology to save time and create more excitement in shopping.
  • Shipway: An application connects people owning trucks and people having goods that need to be transported.
  • Iwanna Vietnam: A pioneer that brings artificial intelligence in image processing – Computer Vision. Iwanna Vietnam Group Joint Stock Company operates mainly in the fields of software manufacturing, trading, consulting and training. In addition, the company conducts research and development of systems dedicated to processing systems based on the needs of businesses.
  • Tradeline Vietnam (TradeLine): E-commerce site connecting Businesses & Businesses – Businesses & Customers throughout the territory of Vietnam.
  • Danang IT Park: The largest IT human resource training center in the Central region and the 3rd in Vietnam.
  • Green Beli: An application searches, rates and shares information about places according to their environmental friendliness.
  • Thcmedia: A company provides full services, web design solutions and creative branding. Thcmedia focuses on developing quality, modern websites and unique web platforms.

2. Village of Logistic Technology: 2 booths

  • Chau Da Co. Ltd: An industrial machinery manufacture and distribution company.
  • Dai Hung Investment and Development Sole Member Co.Ltd: Developer of Shipway project, an application that connects people having goods with people owning trucks to transport goods over 1 ton.

3. Village of the International: 1 booth

  • 3EXP8: Inherited from 3EXP8 Technology, 3EXP8 carries the mission of building relationships with customers on the base of effective and reliable information technology solutions that meet their needs. A current smart solution that 3EXP8 is distributing includes a smartphone management app and a Restor POS app.

4. Village of Educational Technology: 7 booths

  • Umbalena: With a huge bookstore of many kinds and colorful books, Umbalena is committed to giving children more knowledge and a variety of languages.
  • Beekids: Born with the mission of bringing clean and safe solutions to developing holistic thinking for children, Beekids has been constantly conveying core messages in life to everyone.
  • CLS: CLS is an online training platform that helps organizations and businesses develop training for employees to enhance their comprehensive skills.
  • TOIDAYHOC: Provide Online Marketing – Website Programming – Graphic Design  courses.
  • TOPSINHVIEN: A forum for students to exchange information and knowledge.
  • A research team of Chemistry – Medicine – Biology – Pharmacy from Duy Tan University.
  • Dong A University: Dong A University is a large private university of the Central region with more than 20 training disciplines, bringing an exhibition space with many scientific and technological achievements in the fields of engineering science, health and life science, and artificial intelligence.

5. Village of HealthCare: 1 booth

  • M-Medic: A smart technology platform where customers can connect with an ecosystem of modern and professional check-ups and treatment, which brings well-qualified, convenient, transparent experience in using medical services.  

6. Village of Agriculture: 17 booths

  • Minh Hong Biotech: Born in 2015, Minh Hong Biotech researches and produces natural products of 100% vegetables, tubers, fruits, leaves, medicinal herbs,…. Thanks to the most advanced biotechnology, Minh Hong Biotech has successfully produced chemical-free consumer goods and created a reputation in Vietnam as well as on an international scale.
  • Na Ni Sole proprietorship: Officially established in November 2017, Na Ni is a unit specializing in providing clean honey. With the focus on quality, Na Ni has been certified by US and EU export standards. The product has gone through many stages of strict censorship, reaching 3-zero quality standards with many certificates and major awards.
  • Royal Ginseng: A unit specializing in the production and distribution of large medicinal herbs from Thua Thien Hue province.
  • Nam Dau: Specializes in cultivating beans in a symbiotic ecological form and processing its food with the goal of minimizing the impact of chemical farming methods on the land along the Vu Gia River and preserving native varieties and biodiversity.
  • Quang Nam – Danang Salanganes Nest: Specializes in the production of raw, refined, fresh, 100% pure distilled nests from Quang Nam – Danang
  • Hoa Man Vy: Provide cosmetics of 100% naturally handmade
  • Spirulina
  • Dien Phuong: Produces safe fruits and vegetables to serve customers in Danang and Quang Nam. Products at the farm include: Jackfruit, mango, lemon, pomelo, papaya, milkweed,…
  • Algaevi 
  • Healthy Fungi: Specializes in providing clean mushroom products
  • Danang Biotechnology Center: 


Advise the Department of Science and Technology and the City People’s Committee on development orientation, program building, application of Biotechnology in the fields of: agriculture, fisheries, food processing industry, healthcare and environment.Research and apply advanced biotechnology in production. Associate and cooperate with organizations and individuals to research, transfer, produce and trade biotech products in accordance with the law.

Research and develop mushrooms and flowers; manufacture, process and trade biological products for industries.

Receive, transfer, service, consult and deploy modern techniques in Biotechnology.

Manage, store and collect genetic resources for research, selection, creation, restoration and rapid multiplication of plant varieties by biotechnology.

Provide information, keep technology data confidential.

  • Co Ba Chuyen: Specializes in providing local specialties. 
  • Me Đoan: With the experience and knowledge of a son who grew up in Quang Tri, combined with modern scientific technology, Me Doan provides precious medicinal plants and herbs for consumers.
  • Happy Cereals: Understanding the great value that cereals bring to health along with the message that each product is a gift, as well as the desire to bring happiness to every family, Import-Export Investment Co., Ltd. Hanh Phuc has launched two product lines: Happy cereal tea and Happy nutritious cereal.
  • DQS: An innovative and creative company in the algae industry in Vietnam. DQS focuses on developing new, environmentally friendly and sustainable products and production processes for the future. DQS cooperates with leading companies and research institutes in the world in researching and maximizing the potential values of algae products in order to deal with future challenges.
  • VINSEED Biotechnology Co.Ltd: Born in 2018, applying advanced biotechnology in production to create precious agro-forestry products and medicinal herbs that are outstandingly quality, safe, diverse and environmentally friendly to improve the quality of Vietnamese people’s lives.
  • Green Cinnamon: Top 60 brands won the national startup and innovation award. Green Cinnamon provides all cinnamon bark products that are of high quality, fully certified and licensed by the authorities in Vietnam. The products are diverse, suitable with the needs of Vietnamese consumers.

7. Village of Tourism: 3 booths

  • Virtual Tourist: A project aims to bring all tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, … onto a single virtual platform. There, viewers can experience the space with many different perspectives: from top to bottom, from outside to inside,… At the same time, viewers can view information about places, as well as book tickets, make table/room reservations, purchases, etc. Currently, VR360 has implemented projects in Danang, Hoi An.
  • Danang Go: The only app in Vietnam to support you in early check-in with real-time. 
  • Liberzy.com: A travel experience sharing platform, providing reliable tourist information to visitors through information search filters. You can instantly find experiences from your friends on the Liberzy.com platform. Moreover, Liberzy also has a tool to help you make a schedule for your trip, and share your experiences according to each itinerary.

8. Village of Financial Technology: 6 booths

  • Danang City Business Support Center

Duties: Prepare documents following the request of organizations and individuals on procedures for setting up a business, changing business registration content, converting business type, merging, splitting, suspending operation, re-operating, dissolving the business.

Support and advise on domestic and foreign investors and organizations to learn about: investment environment, investment and business opportunities, investment partners of the city

Help investors carry out investment procedures such as: applying for investment policy, making project documents, project management and other investment promotion services.

Consult on investment monitoring and evaluation.

Train and nurture under the training program of the Ministry of Planning and Investment to support human resources for businesses in Danang city.

  • Business portal: Born with the desire to bring businesses valuable knowledge-based economic content, creating a bird’s-eye view of the economy with the hope to have businesses contribute their own business’s palette for a complete and more vivid picture.
  • Danang IPA: A reliable address of investors, a bridge between investors and the Danang city’s Government. Duties: Organize training on law and skills related to investment and business; Provide the support required by investors to establish and implement investment.
  • Flying Fish Investment (FFI): Being established and in operation at the beginning of 2018 with the mission of contributing to make Da Nang become an international innovation start-up center on the central coast of Vietnam.
  • DNES (Danang Business Incubator): A start-up support organization established at the end of 2015 under the public-private partnership (PPP) model, with the aim of promoting human development through entrepreneurship and innovation. Danang Business Incubator is evaluated and expected to be one of the cradles of the largest startup in the Central region, building a Danang city as a destination for start-up and innovation in the future.
  • CoPLUS: Provides working locations, business incubation services, investment consulting services, management consulting services and administrative services.
làng công nghệ tài chính
DNES (Danang Business Incubator)

9. Village of Electronics and Telecommunication – Mechanical Engineering – Energy: 2 booths

  • Datbike: Dat Bike Weaver Producer
  • An Sinh Xanh

10. Village of Social Impact: 11 booths

  • The smart glass – Multi Glass 
  • Micas: A tool promptly captures the vehicle’s condition and immediately alerts the owner to be proactive in handling errors (if any) that arise, and can even predict errors that will arise in the near future and early warn car owners, based on analysis of artificial intelligence with a large database of the whole ecosystem. In addition, with intuitive and always-available utility tools on Micas app, car owners always have the information, quickly grasp the nearby traffic situation, and instantly update information about new news and laws to avoid mistakes, get speed limit warnings to avoid overspeeding, and always get in-time support from the community and Micas’ 24/7 call center.
  • Skyline School: Born in March 2010, after more than 10 years of development, Sky-Line Education System has become a prestigious educational institution in Vietnam, pioneering in quality education and activities for children and community.
  • Ewater Engineering: An electromagnetic water treatment equipment wishes to become a favorite product in all fields and regions.
  • QCM Technology: More than 9 years of experience in developing and manufacturing aquatic equipment, 4 years of experience in developing and manufacturing agricultural and food equipment. Design and manufacture high-quality products by a team of engineers whose 10 years of experience working for Abbott corporations in the United States, and in the field of production management.
  • Danang University of Technology and Education: With the philosophy of “taking learners as the center”, the University deploys a credit training model that allows learners to actively develop study plans, which encourages their activeness and dynamism. All training programs are built in a practical and effective way, in favor of applying practical skills, towards the professional characteristics of graduates in the context of the country’s development and international integration. Confident, dynamic, practical and creative are the University’s commitments to the quality of graduates of the University of Technology and  Education.
  • Sustech Green Environment Co.Ltd is a leading unit in the field of providing environmentally friendly product lines. Sustech always tries and improves to become a business that sustainably develops in terms of the environment and the social economy. Sustech will create an ecosystem of solutions and products to protect the environment better.
  • Chau Da Company: Chau Da is the manufacturer (OEM) for many partners who are large companies in Danang and the Central region.
  • The Research and Development Center for Radiation Technology (VINAGAMMA) is a unit under the Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute.
  • The Innovation Hub 
  • The Center of Research and Community Inclusive Support (CORMIS in short) – The Center concentrates on these main programs:  Disaster risk reduction in the context of adaptation to climate change, Capacity building related to sustainable development for disadvantaged communities, Resilience building in disadvantaged communities through mental health programs, Policy advocacy. Thanks to outcomes that have been, are and will be done, CORMIS wishes to partially contribute to Vietnam’s Sustainable Development Strategy.

The Extended Danang Start-up Exhibition SURF 2021 takes place from 15th November 2021 to 1th December 2021 with the theme “Adapt – Transform – Accelerate”  

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