National Innovative Entrepreneurship Day – TECHFEST 2021 – is an annual event hosted by the Department of Science and Technology, where a thousand individuals and start-ups gather. This is a golden chance for start-ups to connect with domestic and foreign resources and start-up communities, also a playground for start-up projects to enhance their capabilities.  

Undergoing a thorough examination, the Board of Judges has finished the selection process and elected the 6 most excellent projects participating in TECHFEST 2021. This is the list of selected projects: 

1. Oriented Buddy

Oriented Buddy is a project that supports pupils and students in career orientation through a psychological development and consultation process. In addition, the project provides courses, training to assure its objectives. 

The project’s goal is to attract at least 1.000 pupils – students in the first year of establishment. 

2. Cooperative model of bean mushroom ecological agriculture

Currently, there are a total of 37 cooking oil companies on the market. However, businesses mainly produce soybean oil or synthetic vegetable oil that are low nutritional value. The cooperative model of bean mushroom ecological agriculture was born with the desire to solve the following problems:

  • Form a clean material area; cultivate nutritious and sustainable foods; adapt to small farming areas located near big cities; reduce supply transportation costs
  • Reduce labor costs in farming process, go deep into the process that improves the product’s value to increase income for farmers, help farmers stick to the form of natural, sustainable farming. Minimize the process of impact on the environment and products that are toxic to humans
  • Through the form of farming with ecological diversity, the project aims to generate regular income according to the crops, revise the land, increase the motivation to stick to the agricultural land, ensure the safety of food for the city in the future.
  • Place the material area near major cities, shorten the geographical distance, connect people to consumers, help two parties better understand the life cycle of bean products from garden to table, increase consumers’ confidence by products that are grown non-toxic and the farmers are proactive. 

3. Holo Speak

Hola, a platform for online teaching and learning foreign languages in Vietnam, was born to clear the human communication gap through advanced technology and language-learning methods.  

Holo allows to connect between centers/ teachers with those who are in need of learning, practicing languages all over the world with low cost, flexible space and time. 

Holo’s key features can be mentioned as 1-1 video call, affiliation from personal links, learning schedule book and direct payment on app. Furthermore, there are some brilliant features such as community features, AI integration, app-in-app and Holo coin.  

4. Beekids 

Beekids is a platform for connecting learning and developing thinking for children from 3-12 years old with outstanding features:

  • Personalize the thinking development process: Assess capacity and build a learning and scientific training path for each child according to their ability and age
  • Make learning more fun through a game interface. Children will be able to connect with friends to practice their skills as well as participate in competitions built by international standards.
  • Upgrade the content quality of lesson regularly

5. Huong Phung Xanh Ecological Agriculture Cooperative 

The Cooperative developed from a group of specialty coffees in Quang Tri owning the second prize of “Vietnamese specialty coffee” 2021.

The vision and mission that  Huong Phung Xanh Cooperative pursues:

  • Introduce Huong Phung agricultural specialties to nationwide customers 
  • Improve the values of Huong Phung agricultural products
  • Towards a circular economy, save natural resources
  • Improve the lives of people in Huong Phung – Huong Hoa

The products provided by Huong Phung Xanh Cooperative are 100% guaranteed:

  • Green bean coffee: natural, honey, washed
  • Roasted ground coffee: natural, honey, washed

6. Siberia Wellness – Sản phẩm chăm sóc sức khỏe và sắc đẹp chiết xuất từ thảo mộc

Siberia Wellness is known as a product line extracted from the most sacred ingredient in the world of frozen Siberi land. Therefore, Siberia Wellness’s products confidently satisfy the strictest international quality standards: ISO, GMP, FDA and HACCP.

The unique natural products extracted from scientific research center Siberian Wellness help users:

  • Active Health Care: Cellular Purification Triple
  • Provides additional nutrition: Essential Minerals – natural micro-mineral product line
  • Personal care from natural cosmetics: Siberian Herb Oil Collection

The Organizing Committee of the Extended Danang Start-up Exhibition – SURF 2021 would like to send congratulations to the 6 above businesses. In order to be well-prepared for performances at TECHFEST 2021,  projects will participate in an intensive training program with leading experts in startup fields. The training program will take place from 14th December 2021 to 16th December 2021. 

The challenging journey aiming to make Danang become an innovative start-up center in the region first and foremost needs efforts of the local start-up ecosystem. Therefore, SURF 2021 wishes that potential start-ups are more and more stable, continue to conquer bigger milestones on the entrepreneurial journey. It will be a driving force to swiftly promote innovation activities of Danang city in particular and the Central region in general.

The Extended Danang Start-up Exhibition – SURF 2021 merely takes place today. Let’s hurry visit exhibition booths and connect with SURF at: https://surf2021.vrfairs.vn/ 

Read other information on the program here. 




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