[Wave Sponsor] BotStar Pte. Ltd.

BotStar is one of the pioneering start-ups in chatbot industry in Vietnam. BotStar takes pride in providing enterprises a tool – Chatbot which helps optimize the communication process between them and customers while making the user experience more enjoyable at the same time. No requirements of coding knowledge, the simple process of designing chatbot visually and ability to train your bot more intelligent are outstanding advantages that BotStar bring to you.

In recent years, the way people interact with others has changed, which leads to the significant development of AI, especially chatbot. It has been applied widely in different fields such as E-commerce, tourism, education, healthcare, etc. As we realize the potentials and benefits of the chatbot, BotStar had officially been established around early 2017. Since then, BotStar has been continuously striving to build a chatbot ecosystem that brings high value to our customers.

Our senior members have 10+ years’ experience working in Australian IT industry. Besides, we have been developing chatbot and AI system during recent years. Therefore, we deeply understand how chatbot brings value to users. BotStar is always striving for excellence, we have the ambition to become the best chatbot platform in the world, bridging the latest digital chatbot trends in the industry and businesses.

Website: https://www.botstar.com/

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