Bobby Liu

@ Senior Director, Topica Edtech Group

Bobby Liu is a global citizen, having lived and worked in 5 different countries. A keen learner, he appreciates the differences in cultural background of people and what makes them tick.

Ideas abound, he started a co-working space/incubator called Hub.IT, a space that provided young entrepreneurs a conducive environment to innovate and share collective experiences, and in the process contributed to building a great entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hanoi and Vietnam. In 2015, Hub.IT was acquired by Topica, where he’s the Senior Director at Topica Edtech Group and Co-Director of the Topica Founder Institute, an early-stage accelerator.

He is also very active in the startup community, volunteering his time to mentor startups and helping them achieve their goals. One of the initiatives of his is an umbrella platform called Techfest (