8 excellent teams from the final round of 2019 SURF Pitching Competition

On October 19, 2019, the SURF Pitching Competition organized by DNES – Danang Business Incubator officially “named” the 8 best startups to win tickets to compete in the final night on November 1, 2019.

SURF Pitching Competition 2019 – The largest startup presentation contest in the Central region is back this year

SURF Pitching Competition is a chance for a startup projects can connect and seek investment opportunities, business cooperation opportunities and talented personnel for the projects participating in the competition.

SURF Pitching Competition 2019 belongs to SURF 2019 – Start-up and Innovation Festival, gathering together startup projects, investors, entrepreneurs, partners and organizations supporting domestic and foreign startups. . Participants are start-ups not exceeding five years from the date of establishment; startup projects, business ideas and solutions already have a prototype. There is no limit on the geographical position of teams participating.

The presentation of Hoa Man Vy Natural Cosmetics in the semifinals of SURF Pitching Competition 2019

Coming to this year’s competition, the SURF Pitching Competition 2019 gathers together startup projects from many different fields including information technology, blockchain, tourism or biological products, … is evaluated  much better than in previous years. There are some startup projects that have been launched and brought revenue to the company.

With the aim to equip the best for the grand finale for startups, held on Friday, November 1, 2019 at Eden Plaza Hotel Danang with the attendance of 2,000 people attending the SURF event. In 2019, 8 teams will participate in the Bootcamp SURF training course held from October 29 to October 31 and led and consulted by Bobby Liu – Senior Director of Topica Edtech Group / Co-Director – Institute Founder of Topica. In addition, with two teams of MessNow and Virtual Reality Technology application to build a cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation training system, 8 startup teams will join the Techfest Vietnam 2019 in Quang Ninh – Exchange Day. new national innovation with the support of DNES – Danang Business Incubator.

Easysalon has helped salon owners save 70% of management time and increase 30% of salon revenue

List of teams competing in the SURF Pitching 2019 final round:

  1. Botstar – Tools that automate conversations and represent businesses that interact with potential customers or existing customers. Coming to SURF Pitching 2019, BotStar impresses with the solution that can support both developers and businesses to create chatbots to ensure that chatbots have enough features but represent the views of the business. Currently, BotStar has been deployed in the market with a total of 7000 users, including 200 paid users.
  2. Easy Salon – Different from software that only covers sales and customer care, Easy Salon is a solution for salons / spas that integrate many functions such as sales, payroll / employee commissions. serve, digitize customer cards, personalize customer care via mobile applications for customers. Only 20 minutes to learn, customers can use the application proficiency, up to now, 32 customers have used Easy Salon to manage their work.
  3. MultiGlass – Smart communication devices include three main technology platforms: wireless technology (Wireless technology), iris recognition technology (Iris recognition) and artificial intelligence. Not only helping and creating a community for people with disabilities, MultiGlass also has the ability to minimize accident rates by integrating driving goggles with the company’s main servers, helping them monitor their employees. Version 1 of the company has been released to the market and has sold 10,000 products, version 2 and the version is expected to appear in 2019 and 2020.
  4. Hoa Man Vy Natural cosmetics– Natural cosmetics from garbage such as coffee grounds, grapefruit peel with cultural, environmental and humanistic messages. Not only promoting Vietnamese products to the international environment, Hoa Man Vy natural cosmetics also solves the problem of reducing the number of tourists who are crowded in Hoi An ancient town to the surrounding areas. In addition, businesses also have a certain contribution to the economy by creating stable jobs for local workers, especially women with disabilities and creating places to play, visit, experience and stay. Interesting and refreshing care ever in Hoi An
  5. Clean honey from leaves – Supplying fresh honey products from leaves, testing according to export standards and developing honey beekeeping in mountainous districts of Quang Ngai province, contributing to protecting the ecological environment and reducing poverty for the people here. Products are manufactured in Son Chau hamlet, Long Son commune, Son Ha district, Quang Ngai province and tested for export standards, verifying the fake by the carbon isotope method C13. Coming to the SURF Pitching Competition 2019, the company said the product was sold at large and small supermarkets including Coopmart Quang Ngai, Vinmart QN, Big C Quang Ngai (raising the capacity to expand the system) and 200 agents. in Quang Ngai and Ho Chi Minh City.
  6. Advosights – The system of scales of influence and spillover of information of users on social networks is built on the following factors: Assessing nuances and exploiting comments on social networks (OM), evaluating user influence (AF), user preferences (PP), article quality assessment, and user content creation (CC).
  7. Agridential.vn – Product traceability solution based on Blockchain technology. Information will be stored in stages from the beginning until the end of the consumer. Blockchain technology helps to make information transparent and information cannot be erased or modified on the system. This is also the advantage of the product compared to traditional solutions. The solution has been tested on a number of products, including Linh Dan black garlic, Phuc Linh frankincense, …
  8. Elinkgate remote control solution – One-touch information technology platform, remote control of computers / servers bios-level to help IT and professionals can access anywhere using the Internet. The exclusive Bosster remote control technology in the US is developed with two ElinkKVM product lines (for servers, workstations) ElinkMe for laptop and desktop.

With the participation of prestigious jury members in the startup community in Da Nang and around the world. The final round was honored with the participation of Mr. Peter Vesterbacka, technology billionaire, Founder of SLUSH – the world’s leading startup and technology event, and Ms. Jan Lederman – venture capital expert.

Participating in the competition, the winning team has the opportunity to receive prizes including 50,000,000 VND in cash, 60,000,000 VND Co-working Space Credit at DNES sites (for up to 5 people within 1 year, calculated from November 1, 2019 to November 1, 2020) and VND 115,000,000 (US $ 5,000) Amazon Web Service Credit. Second Prize with 30,000,000 VND, Third Prize 15,000,000 VND and other prizes from sponsors. Second Prize with 30,000,000 VND, Third Prize 15,000,000 VND and other prizes from sponsors. And the opportunity to receive 3-day training from startup professionals with Bootcamp activities for all startups that pass the semi-finals.

With the success of SURF from previous seasons in general, and the SURF Pitching Competition in particular, this will be the only rare opportunity of the year for startups to bring their best to investors and customers. potential.

SURF 2019

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