TOP 7 SURF Pitching Competition Finalists reveal NOW

On June 12, 2018, 21 startup projects were selected to participate in the SURF Pitching Competition 2018 Qualifying round at Da Nang Entrepreneurship Support (DNES). 7 best projects were officially made it to the Final round on Jun 29 at SURF 2018.

SURF Pitching Competition 2018 – the largest startup pitching competition in Central Vietnam is a place for startup projects to connect and look for investment opportunities, business cooperation, and talents hunt. After more than 4 months of communication, SURF selected 21 applications for the qualifying round. The quality of projects this year are expected to surpass those in the past 2 consecutive years with more diversity in ideas and technology fields, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI), the tourism applications and health care services. Besides the development projects in Da Nang, the qualifying round also welcomed three startup projects from Ho Chi Minh City and a foreign project.

Each project had a 15-minute presentation about their products

Each team has 15 minutes to pitch which includes 6 minutes of presentation and 9 minutes of Q&A. All participating projects must present their ideas and business model using slides and presentations in English: What is the market problems to solve? What is the core technology or solution? How big is the market size? Who are the competitors and what are the competitive advantages? How are the business model and strategy to bring products to market? and Do they need any investment at the moment? How are the Financial plan and user/customer/revenue growth? Is the team capable enough to convey it?


… and Camera360 are two of the top 7 Finalists

TOP 7 SURF Pitching Competition 2018 Finalists:

  1. Camera 360 for cars – A safety equipment to help drivers observe blind spots around their cars.
  2. BGift – Bringing customers good deals and gifts from beauty brand for women along with making an appointment feature.
  3. Caromi (Phở sắn) – Produce dried cassava noodle product originating from Que Son district, Quang Nam province. It is produced on the basis of clean agriculture with elaborate procedures. Gluten-free, rich in fiber and minerals, cassava noodles provide a lot of health benefits for consumers.
  4. Ikkai Inc – ikkai developed its own system and platform for helping solve two of the biggest bottlenecks for employers: posting jobs easily and making it even easier to find the best candidates through data aggregation and A.I.
  5. TOB – a combination of a cradle, a crib with a walker in one single product that integrates with TOB technology
  6. EduSi: Project utilizes simulation and AI technologies to support teachers and students in their teaching and learning activities respectively through 3 steps: (1) learning by experimenting (2) learning by sharing (3) learning by collaborating with a virtual assistant.
  7. Xedike – Xedike focuses on making use of empty seats on the vehicle less than 9 seats in an attempt to reduce emissions, traffic and increase income for empty vehicles.

On the day of the finals, winning teams will receive the total prize of over VND200 million including a first prize worthing VND100 million from DNES, three additional prizes including two slots in DNES incubator program and 55,000 TriipMiles Token equivalents to VND100 million from In addition, the teams in the Final round will receive a 100% free booth, a pair of tickets to join Networking Night and precious training by the startup professionals from Israel through boot camp start-up for 3 days.

Accompanying SURF – Da Nang International Startup Conference and Exhibition, SURF Pitching Competition is not only a unique opportunity during the whole the year for Startups to come closer to investors and potential customers, but also a place to learn, to improve knowledge from experts and dynamic start-up community in the Vietnam Central and Highlands.

Book SURF Tickets NOW to attend the Finals of SURF Pitching Competition 2018 along with conferences of startup prestigious experts from both domestic and international organizations and agencies. You can contact us at or via our hotline (+84) 1203 195 430 (Ms. Van Anh).

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